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Councelling Practice

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PSI Beratung
Julia Widler
Brunnmattstrasse 9
5628 Aristau
056 535 03 08


As a psychologist and economist I apply a broad and realistic approach in my counselling. I use Cognitive and Positive Psychology and work solution-oriented and practically.

My offer to you is committed, positive, clear and practical.

„You won’t get loads of empty words. You will get a hand.“

My professional experience comprises years in counselling as well as many years as a manager in an international company focusing on leadership development and change processes. As a counsellor I specialised in stress management and personality development.


2015 MSc Psychology ZHAW Zürich
2015 Stress trainer by Prof. Kaluza, Bern
2014 Leadership Excellence, Horsley
2008 Mag. Business Economics in Vienna
2003 C-Levels Gymnasium Raubling