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Councelling Practice

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PSI Beratung
Julia Widler
Brunnmattstrasse 9
5628 Aristau
056 535 03 08


In contrast to psychotherapy psychological counselling addresses concerns of healthy adults. Therefore, health insurance does unfortunately not cover the costs.

We offer all clients a free first meeting to get to know each other and provide information without strings attached.

Psychological counselling: CHF 149.- / 60 Min.
Meetings can by agreement also be held at the clients, via phone or video conference. (Expenses might be applicable.)

Courses: CHF 49.- / 90 Min.
Course documentation and drinks are included.

Talent assessment: CHF 1‘490.-
Includes the testing procedure, license fees for the test material, the printed profile as well as the written psychological report. Drinks and snacks are included.

As a psychologist I am subject to professional discretion by law. You can rely on a confidential handling of all your matters.

In order to ensure a constant quality I continuously enrol in further education and regularly take part in supervisions.

Cancellations less than 2 days prior notice will be charged at full price.