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Councelling Practice

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PSI Beratung
Julia Widler
Brunnmattstrasse 9
5628 Aristau
056 535 03 08

Welcome to PSI, your counsellor for psychological questions and concerns in different aspects of life.

Psychological counselling supports you when you need help, like for example in a difficult phase, a crisis situation or when you have to make a complex decision. Together we will review your situation and define a solution-oriented way to the future.

We regularly offer different group courses like personal stress management or progressive muscle relaxation. The current schedule can be found here.

For a holistic profile of your talent and potential we can run a talent assessment that provides you insight about your unique strengths in the cognitive, emotional and creative area of your personality. We will discuss how you can make use of your potential in your personal and professional life.

Your concern is important. And we are here for you.

We are looking forward to hearing from you and will be pleased to welcome you in our practice in Aristau for a free first meeting.