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Councelling Practice

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PSI Beratung
Julia Widler
Brunnmattstrasse 9
5628 Aristau
056 535 03 08


Sometimes you just do not know how to move on by yourself.

Psychological counselling supports you when you do not know how to proceed, when you are looking for a solution or just want to talk to someone confidentially.

There are multiple reasons for personal stress. Some people suffer from a separation or a blow of fate; others seem to be overwhelmed with simplest things for no obvious reason. Some people find themselves in an existential crisis or are looking for help to change.

Stress and pressure cannot be standardised and are a very personal perception. If you feel like you need support, do not hesitate to accept help before you are stuck and might risk negative consequences for yourself and your family. Often one or a few sessions are sufficient to release stress and feel free and encouraged.

Together we will review your situation and your goals objectively and define a positive and solution-oriented way to the future. We are happy to support you.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for a free first meeting to get to know each other. We will then discuss together if and how we want to proceed.